Virtual Offices in Ontario

Goodbye to business mail coming to your house – Hello Virtual Office! 

As low as $35/month


virtual offices in Ontario - working remotely

Manage your mail and packages at your convenience with Empowered 4x Virtual Offices in Ontario. Protect your privacy, elevate your company image, and keep your overhead low with our virtual office solutions. Enjoy the flexibility of monthly and yearly plans with no activation or last month payment fees required.

How it works

4 simple steps towards your new professional address

1. Choose your location/plan, complete the form and pay

2. Receive your new address and redirect your mail

3. Get notified via email once mail or package is received

4. Request a pick up, scan, shred or forward

Choose Your New Business Address


Real Business Addresses to help build your brand

View & manage your mail & packages remotely

Coworking Space Access*

Enjoy free monthly access to our coworking space and get the opportunity to collaborate

*Brampton location only

Business Support

We have business professionals to help you start and grow your business

Free Business Promotion

Get promoted to our 4000+ members community

Opportunity to Network and Collaborate

Enjoy member rates for all our services, events, coworking space rentals, etc.

About our virtual offices


Our headquarter location where everything happens. Brampton!! It’s the city we live, work, and build community in. This great city is still developing and makes it the best place for you to start and grow your business. 

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Scarborough is one of the most multicultural places in Canada. At Scarborough you will be able to learn from different cultures and apply it to your business to make it more successful!                                                                            

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Ottawa is the capital city of Canada where both English and French languages and cultures. Ottawa is also growing in immigrant population which leaves a chance for you to reach out to new people for your business.

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Pickering, a thriving city within the Greater Toronto Area, is home to a rich blend of cultures and languages. With a diverse and growing immigrant population, Pickering offers a prime opportunity for businesses to engage with new audiences.

Coming soon

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Benefits of a professional mailing address

A real office address you can use on your company documents, website, business cards or web listings.

No need to publish your home address online, with a professional business address you can protect your privacy and have peace of mind.

A business office address without the price premium that comes with long-term commercial leases.

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Protect your privacy, raise your company image and keep your overhead low

Why Empowered 4x Virtual Offices?

We are a collaborative community that actively supports our members and works hard to offer the best customer satisfaction. 

We are not a postal box, all our addresses are real street addresses!

Our Virtual Offices are perfect for entrepreneurs or solo-professionals who want to register their company, enhance their business image, register their company and/or protect their privacy.

Do you need a personal virtual address? Our service is available for you as well!

Do You Have Questions?

Here are our most frequently asked questions.

We do not provide unique address in any of our locations. We only offer a one business address which is been used or registered by multiple business.

Yes, you can receive unlimited mail

If you receive mail from a currier other than Canada Post, please Inform the office prior, so we can look out for it and collect it on your behalf. 

Yes, the address can be google verified. Use the address provided when registering with google and the verification mail will be sent to our address. 

You can cancel your membership with 30 days notice. 

No, we do not offer any trial period for the virtual office memberships; however, we offer a free trial day at our coworking space, contact us to book a day or book in our calendar here.

You can contact us during business hours to book an office day pass at our head office in Brampton or click here to book your day in our calendar. 

You can contact us during business hours to book your free hour in the boardroom at our head office in Brampton or click here to book it. 

After you pay for your plan, If you have sign-up between Monday to Friday (9am to 3pm) then you will receive a welcome email with the information on how to use your new mailing address in 2-3 hours. If its out of business operation then please allow next business cycle of processing after you make your payment.

Once mail or packages are received for you, we will send you an email notification with a screenshot of what we’ve received and you will reply back letting us know if you want to pick up, scan, shred or forward.

We do not store mail or boxes in any of our premisses. We offer a mail storage service for our Virtual Members, where members can pick up, request scan copy & shred their mail or mail forwarding (extra cost). If the receiving party (Virtual Member) fails to communicate to the Empowered 4x team on how they want their mail to be handled within 10 days of the initial mail notification, there will be a charge of $2 within your monthly billing cycle for each mail. You will be billed separately on a monthly basis until mail is picked up and fees are paid.

Call at 905-497-8200 or email us at if you have more questions and/or want to enjoy the perks or for any assistance. Our Customer Service team in Brampton is ready to help.

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Choose Your Plan

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Choose Your Plan

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