About us

Empowered 4X is working to make the business landscape equitable, we help you and your team build your capacity as social entrepreneurs and leaders by providing access to training, consulting, mentors, network, and funding opportunities.

Our story


 Working on the dream of making a difference 


Launched Empowered for Excellence an empowerment speaking and training business


Facilitated over 250 workshops and events and worked with 3500-students.


Rebranded to Empowered 4x and launch coworking and event space 


80 + coworking members, served more than 250 clients and network of 4000 members


Continuing the magic of our mission 

Our Vision

To simplify access to successful pathways to entrepreneurship so that anyone build generational wealth and sustainably contribute to society.


Our Mission

To create spaces that elevate systematically excluded entrepreneurs by building capacity through innovation and economic empowerment. We empower an entrepreneur’s business vision from idea to fully functional, scalable and sustainable enterprises.

“We are friends, with a shared dedication to develop entrepreneurial leaders in a holistic supportive, collaborative, and inclusive community. We do what we love and encourage others to do the same, only then would life be a funepical adventure, that’s fun and epic.”

Chris-Beth Cowie, Founder

As Social Enterprise

A percentage of our profit is used to support youth entrepreneurship in local and international marginalized communities.


company values

Our company values are the guiding principles of our organization



Leading with integrity and innovation



Creating ‘Funepical’ experiences



Growth sustainable communities

Our entrepreneurial community and workspaces are ready to transform you and your business towards success. 


About our Founder

Chris-Beth Cowie is a Leading Social Impactor, Mentor, Speaker, Entrepreneurship Instructor-Business Advisor; a dynamic and energetic woman whose mantra, Make a Difference, is the inspiration behind her on-going work in various social and entrepreneurial initiatives.  

In 2014 Empowered for Excellence was a reality; an entrepreneurial leadership training company.  Chris-Beth wanted to create a space with the sole purpose of empowering entrepreneurs to see the value in themselves and a place to connect and collaborate while creating businesses with an impact focus. Through E4X she has facilitated in over 250 workshops and events, 3500-students have been positively influenced by Chris-Beth since 2014. Presently there are over one-hundred entrepreneurs using E4X space to collaborate,  leverage, co-work, co-learn, co-give and co-live;  collaborative spaces for co-Social Ventures.

“I want to make a difference in this world”


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